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07-13-2011, 12:56 PM
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Originally Posted by achtungbaby View Post
I guess we're all taking the 'fingers in ears, eyes closed, yada, yada, yada' approach to this? It says a lot about a person when they can't even be bothered to read something and take it with a grain of salt. Is anything in the article about Connolly untrue?

Which reporter who writes about the Leafs and says anything negative about them does this board like anyways? I don't really like Simmons either, but this team hasn't made it to the playoffs in quite awhile, we 'should' be reading negative things about them.

Cue the "but, but, but... it's SIMMONDS!" and "troll" comments.
I have read his work for years, and have long, long (as in years ago) since formed an opinion, that in my best estimation can be considered to be well informed, that Simmons has no credibility in regards to anything he writes about the Leafs in particular, and anything in general. I consider Simmons to be apologetically irresponsible in the manner in which he pens his work.

Is there something wrong with that? For that I'm to be labeled a child unable to hear criticism, with my proverbial fingers in my ears?

I couldn't care if he wrote an article about how sharp that Squiffy guy from HFBoards is with his thoughts. I would disregard it.

I have no problem with Cox, for example, he's generally fair and not a sensationalist chasing a splashy title in the way Simmons is. I can respect his work, if not always agree with it.

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