Thread: Confirmed with Link: Ryan White inks one-year (1-way deal)
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07-13-2011, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Seems like more than a team would normally pay a guy who has played half a season and doesn't have much of a minor league resume, but who cares, I love White and it's great to see they must also love him if they are throwing that kind of money and a 1-way deal at him. He'd normally be on league minimum and 2-way in many organizations, so it's got
to be considered a huge vote of confidence in him.
well put...

i'd be very interested to hear the conversation btw PG and JM about White and his projected role for the team going into this year.

I hope the "vote of confidence" is shared by the coach, and that he gives him a little more of an opportunity to play a bit more consistently... in the ~10-13min/game range as opposed to the 8-9min he was getting this past season.

White strikes me as a player who could develop into a Claude Lemieux clone... not skilled/consistent enough to be a top-6 fixture, but a perfect mix of skill/intensity to play a strong bottom-6 role and the type of guy who elevates his game when the pressure is on... his production, as a pro (granted at the AHL level) reflects that, as does his "in-your-face" style in the NHL.

definitely think/hope he's a guy that will exceed most people's expectations.

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