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10-21-2003, 07:32 AM
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there was no need for Snow to go THAT far to help clear the puck. He made a bad judgment call. Then when we got there, he whiffed on attempting to move the puck along the boards. While it was a 5-1 game at the time before the goal, a goal against like that in the second period (last night in the 3rd) could be a difference maker.

A bad goal is a momentum changer for both teams. The team with the goal against loses confidence/positive energy b/c of the goal. The team that 'magically' scored gains confidence/positive energy that may overcome the goal differential in the game. (See Salo, Osgood, Fichaud)

Does Snow still play that puck when the game is 3-1? Yes! Does it go in? Yes. That makes it 3-2 and with the Isles of the last several years (and already this year again) the last several minutes of a game are always interesting in their defensive zone.

NYI1 - Yes, Lindros' goal was a misplayed glove hand save by Luongo. That's ok, NYR victory gives them a false sense that THEY actually won the game. However, they were outplayed all night and Dunham was the only reason beyond Luongo's softies that NYR did not lose 6-2.

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