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10-21-2003, 06:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Trottier
Steve Webb is a marginal NHLer. He has few, if any, NHL-caliber talents, except for one: he is a solid bodychecker, a heavy hitter who is not hesitant to give up his body for the team. He is also smart, in that he will often draw opposing players into taking a frustration penalty against him, as they try to retaliate.

He is of value if used sparingly and in specific spots. A very good team like the Flyers can afford to carry him on a fourth line for select games, as a "change of pace" guy. Do not expect any points or frankly solid play away from the puck from him. He is a one-trick pony.

For a few seasons, he was terribly miscast as NYI's toughguy; that he is not. Won't shy away, but won't win any either.

Isles didn't re-sign him because: a) he likely priced himself out of their range; and b) they needed to open up roster spots for some young forwards like Hunter and Papineau.

A few NYI fans have bad-mouthed Webb since his departure; I tend to think those people are terribly ungrateful toward a very limited player who gave his all to the team.
Good breakdown Trottier.

I would add that another reason the NYI did not resign Webb was because they paid him more money for his injuries than to play on the ice. It was wasted money to pay 60-70% of 5 minute 4th liner's 650K salary for rehab.

Steve Webb does deserve considerable praise b/c he WALKED ONTO the NYI. Granted this was when the team was made up of Dave Archibald's, but he survived many seasons as the talent level of the team increased. The Isles out grew him and the limitations of his talent and healthy body.

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