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Originally Posted by 87isgod View Post
Yeah he should of dropped 20 pounds and be a beanpole and get knocked off every loose puck and get crushed in front of the net but hey he mite be half a step faster and would fit our system better. Some of you guys are being ridiculous over this. I hope he comes to camp and in that first pre season game demolishes people then you all will shut up.
Have you seen Veilleux play, at all? His legs are skinny compared to the rest of his body, it looks downright awkward when you watch him.

Now, Mike Rupp is also 6'5" and was at 230lbs, Veilleux at 219lbs looks fine for his upper body, but his lower body looks like it's behind, his legs are skinny and he needs to bulk up. What you miss is that it's muscle people want him to pack on. It would help him have powerful strides if he continues to work on his skating while he bulked up.

All this crap about agility and what not is bs, players know their bodies, if they can add the muscle and still play well they will know. Veilleux has had shoulder issues in the past, getting stronger wouldn't be a bad thing for a guy that is physical and fights. Having stronger legs will help him with leverage when he fights as well, a stronger base.


Look at those pics and tell me he doesn't need to bulk up his legs, getting stronger in general when you are a guy that suddenly start fighting more often isn't a bad thing.

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