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Islander fan coming in peace to clarify a few things with regards to the proposed deal. 11.5% of total revenue from the colisseum goes to the county IN ADDITION TO tax revenue generated by the colisseum. For those with the time to read the entire deal, here is the link to an independent associations review of the deal

In short, it lays out that not only will the Colisseum be able to pay back the initial investment and loan services, but also profit Nassau County in the long term. It also goes a bit into what would happen if the Colisseum were not to be approved.

This being said it is an investment, and like any investment, there is risk involved. Noone can guarantee much in the future, BUT I am highly confident that if this is voted down, taxes will be HIGHER than if voted into action.

Also, for those saying theyre too young for the rivalry... If you can actually vote that means you're at the very most a few years younger than I, and I know that my blood boils whenever the Islanders face the Rangers (And I love it).

If, by any stretch of the imagination, the Rangers were threatened to be moved (Granted this would never happen given their Original 6 status and, lets face it, regardless of what you think of the Rangers they are definitely one of the most prominent NHL franchises) I would fight it tooth and nail because I love the games they play against eachother and the rivalry among the fans (even if it hasnt been its strongest in recent years).

With both teams containing up and coming rosters I promise that we are close to a new awakening of a heated rivalry that will be great for fans of both sides. So please, lend us a hand vote yes and watch as both teams will be contending for high playoff spots in the near future

Thank you for your time

Originally Posted by Kind of Blue View Post
The fact that a minor league ballpark was tied into this project is ridiculous. It's one thing to keep the Islanders on Long Island, but Nassau residents really don't need to be paying for a ballpark.

If this is passed, Nassau homeowners will pay an additional $58 in taxes each year for the next 30 years.
The county will receive 11.5% of revenue generated by the arena.

It's not a terrible deal, but the cost could have been lower (specifically by excluding the ballpark) and the return probably could have been greater.
I dont believe this is true... I believe that its 11.5% + Tax generated at the colisseum which, according to Camoin, would lead to a profit starting in year 3 of the loan. Not saying that taxes wont be higher (just not from this project)

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