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07-13-2011, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Iamok View Post
Oh wow, so impressive.

Everyone goes on about how overrated Regin is thanks to his playoffs last year, yet continue to do the exact same thing with other prospects.
Ok, I have decided that I'm a bit tired to read this. Regin is not "overrated thanks to his playoffs last year", maybe for some people but not for people who followed him "internationally" most of his career.

And Regin has been good for the Sens all of the 2009-10 season. It's just that it didn't translate in points production when he was used on the 4th line with guys like Neil, Smith and Winchester. He has been fairly productive when used on an offensive role. I can dig old posts of his game logs analysis if you need evidence

He just became excellent down the stretch when he got more accustomed to the NHL, just like the adaptation time he needed in the AHL.

Last year was a year to forget for about everyone on the team, but it was also his sophomore season, where most young NHLers struggle. However, when given quality ice time and teammates, he did produce. It wasn't much but it was just like everyone else not named Karlsson or Spezza. And he just didn't produce at all when he played on the 4th line under 10 minutes a game. Overall, he scored 17 points in something like 28 games, when he was put in the right situation (Peter Regin is not a 4th liner)

Got the evidence for all of this.

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