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07-14-2011, 12:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
That's cute and all.

But, in this economy especially, why should taxpayers have to front ANYTHING to some filthy rich guy to fund his toy? That's what this is. This is Wang asking the citizens to give him some money so he can upgrade his toy. Let's not make this any more than it already is. Wang doesn't give a flying **** about Long Island or any of the citizens there. He cares about lining his already well lined pocket with their cash.

The tax payers should be voting this down and telling him to go **** himself. Nothing more, nothing less. He has more than enough money to cover this via his own cash and other private funding. It's a joke that you think anyone in their right mind should even think of giving this clown their money to fund his toy some more.

Hopefully he's shot down come August, but I am sure he'll find a way to hoodwink the taxpayers into giving him cash.
If you want to talk impact on the taxpayer having this project built will actually benefit the taxpayer in the long run

1. Jobs. This project equals direct jobs in the construction of and then operation of the buildings. With less unemployed there becomes a larger taxbase for the gov't to collect from thus easing everyone else's individual tax burden.
2. Increases your own home's worth. Location, location, location. Being a reasonable distance from a project like this makes your home more valuable. That's huge especially in an economic climate like this one where we're seeing people's homes fall in value dangerously fast, leading to many walking away from their mortgages which then lowers surrounding homes values even more etc...
3. Jobs. Indirect jobs. People going to games/concerts/baseball games/etc helps surrounding business. People go to/leave from the event, stop by a local restaurant on the way. Buy some gas. Buy some tailgating stuff from the supermarket. Just some quick examples, you get the point.
4. Jobs. Direct suppliers. This kind of a project once completed will require substantial orders of all sorts of items (food, drinks, overpriced stuff you buy at the event). Those industries get boosted when they start having to supply a place such as what is being proposed.

On it's face I get why people don't want to spend taxpayer money on the project. But pragmatically, that's the only way it's going to get done. If we don't contribute to it being built another location will. And another location will because they'll recognize how great it'll be for their area to have a pro sports team playing there. If we let the Isles go on principle then in practice we'll be cutting off our noses to spite our faces.

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