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Originally Posted by Guffaw View Post
Thanks. I'll check out the Wintersport clinic if there is one in the Fall. I think the Spring/Summer one is almost done and there last 6 are scrimmages. I more interested in instruction.

Goalie? Long story. I was 20 years old with severe patella tendonitis in both knees, cortisone shots, etc. which I attributed mostly to crouching in goal. I got accepted to college and spoke to the coach who told me he was already set with goalies and that the starter had played Junior A in Canada. So I did a 180 and gave playing forward a shot. Camps, finding all the ice I could, off ice, roller, etc. I make the team. 1) Kid that played juniors didn't play again so I would have likely started in net. 2) The tendonitis came back and was due to severely over training.

It's all good. I like skating, scoring goals, and back then hittting. Plus unless the game is really good it's a better workout. I was taught to stand up, angles, kick saves, T-glide, shuffle, etc. I wouldn't know what to do now with all this butterfly this and that anyway
The summer clinic begins this Sunday (17th) and the schedule is

Week 1 : Skating
Week 2: Skating & Stickhandling
Week 3: Skating, STH & Passing
Week 4 & 5: Skating, STH, Passing & Shooting
Week 6: Angling & Positioning
Week 7: Scrimmage

The first week is definitely the hardest as it's pretty much skating the entire time with virtually no passing or shooting. is offline   Reply With Quote