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Originally Posted by RomersWorld View Post
So we should go by what he did in the SEL rather than the NHL? Give me a break.

Jeff Taffe was the leading scorer in Rockford by a whopping 15 points. Almost a PPG! I guess that means that his success will translate NHL too.

Fact is, they play a different style of hockey in the SEL than the NHL. It doesn't always translate and many times it takes TIME to get used to the North American game. It takes time to get used to the rink size as well. I think he would be much better served getting used to and improving his game in the AHL rather on a team that is striving to make the playoffs and win the Cup. The Western Conference is very good and it was extremely tight last season. We were 1 point away from missing the playoffs.

I just don't see why he should start in the NHL when he hasn't shown he can be excel at the 3rd line center position, or any position for that matter. Kruger should not be the 3rd line center on a playoff team at this moment. The kid has a bright future, but I feel he is best served in the AHL.
Your argument is pretty contradictory. You state that other's should compare his stats in the SEL because its different than the NHL, and you then as a reference use another example, Taffe being tops in Rockford but state it shouldn't be assumed that it would translate to the NHL either. And then, at the bottom of your post, you state Kruger would be best served in Rockford.

If your first statement about SEL/AHL not translating to NHL is true, then that is an argument to start him with the Hawks to open up the year and GIVE HIM NHL experience. Even though I'm skeptical of what he can do offensively, I do think that he may be best served setting a shot with the Hawks and seeing what he can do. If it doesn't work out, he can go back to Rockford for a bit.

But if you are right, and AHL skills doesn't translate to NHL as much as would be apparent, then having him just start in Rockford doesn't do a lot for him as a player.

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