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The Pittsburgh Hornets select Bob Trapp, D

Bob Trapp, D

-5'10", 170 lbs: Much larger than average in the 1920s.

In 2 years in the NHL (after his WHL prime):

Originally Posted by legendsofhockey
In Chicago Trapp played 44 games and managed 4 goals and 2 assists, good for second on the team in scoring from the defense. He also provided toughness in spades, delivering 92 penalty minutes, just one minute off the team lead. Trapps star dimmed in his second season when he was unable to score and managed just 2 assists and 37 penalty minutes.
In the WHL/WCHL:

-2 x First Team All-Star (1923, 1926)
-Second Team All-Star (1922)

-Points among defensemen – 6th(1922), 4th(1923), 7th(1924), 4th(1925), 1st(1926)

Goals AD – 8th(1922), 8th(1923), 5th(1924), 8th(1925), 6th(1926)
Assists AD – 3rd(1922), 4th(1923), 4th(1924), 2nd(1925), 1st(1926)

Notice that he was a 1st Team All Star in 1923, while only finishing 6th in points and a 2nd Team in 1922, while only finishing 7th. He certainly wasn't getting on the All-Star teams for just his offense. That, plus the quote about his physical play in his 2 seasons in the NHL indicate that he was likely a physical, defensive force in his own zone.

This trade shows how highly regarded he was in the WHL:

Traded to Portland (WHL) by Edmonton (WHL) with ********** for Eddie Shore and Art Gagne, October 7, 1925.
seventieslord's analysis of Trapp's competition in the WHL:

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Bob Trapp:

2nd team (WCHL 1922)
Trapp was behind Red Dutton and Joe Simpson for first team honours. Both HHOFers. No info exists as to who was regarded higher between Trapp and 2nd team *******. In the NHL, Cameron, Cleghorn, Boucher, and Gerard were certainly better. A couple other are debatable. (Reise, Coutu, for example) Trapp was the 7th-10th-best defenseman in hockey.

1st team (WCHL 1923)
Trapp apparently made the 1st team along with Gardiner and Simpson - both HHOFers. No info exists as to who was regarded higher. In the NHL, Boucher, Cleghorn, Cameron, Gerard, and possibly Reise and Corbeau were better. Trapp was the 5th-9th-best defenseman in hockey.

1st team (WHL 1926)
Trapp made the 1st all-star team along with Eddie Shore. Shore was likely regarded higher. In the NHL, Day, Conacher, Clancy, Boucher, Hitchman, & Cleghorn were likely better. Leduc may have been. Trapp was the 8th-9th-best defenseman in hockey.

For these three seasons, Trapp was somewhere between the 5th and 10th-best defenseman in hockey.
Most of this info pulled from this bio:

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