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1932-33: I couldn't find a paper that listed both the 1st and 2nd team votes, only the 1st were given. Luckily the first few years they published every voters list leading up to the release of the final list. So I compiled the complete list.

I'm not sure that the RD/LD split had any bearing on the vote. Some papers didn't make a distinction, and none of the final articles mentioned anything except total votes cast, with 1st team votes being a tie breaker. The 4 defensemen were the top 4 vote getters as well as the top guys in the 1st/2nd RD/LD spots. Irvin won the 2nd team coach spot having 14 votes with 7 1st team votes to Gerard's 14 votes with only 2 1st team votes.

ALL-STAR TEAMS: 32 voters, 1st and 2nd format
GOALTENDER: FIRST TEAM: John Roach, Det 20; Charlie Gardiner, Chi 9; Tiny Thompson, Bos 1; Roy Worters, NYA 1; Lorne Chabot, Tor 1
SECOND TEAM: Charlie Gardiner, Chi 14; John Roach, NYR 6; Roy Worters, NYA 5; Tiny Thompson, Bos 3; Lorne Chabot, Tor 2; Dave Kerr, Mtl M 2
DEFENSE: FIRST TEAM: RIGHT D: Eddie Shore, Bos 29; Ching Johnson, NYR 2; King Clancy, Tor 1
LEFT D: Ching Johnson, NYR 17; Hap Day, Tor 4; Bill Brydge, NYA 3; King Clancy, Tor 3; Lionel Conacher, Mtl M 3; Eddie Shore, Bos 2
ALTERNATE TEAM: RIGHT D: King Clancy, Tor 10; Lionel Conacher, Mtl M 7; Earl Seibert, NYR 2; Ching Johnson, NYR 3; Ted Graham, Chi 2; Al Shields, Ott 2; Red Horner, Tor 1; Red Dutton, NYA 1; Taffy Abel, Chi 1; Eddie Shore, Bos 1; Hap Day, Tor 1; Sylvio Mantha, Mtl 1
LEFT D: Lionel Conacher, Mtl M 8; King Clancy, Tor 7; Ching Johnson, NYR 8; Lionel Hitchman, Bos 2; Taffy Abel, Chi 2; Doug Young, Det 3; Ted Graham, Chi 1; Bill Brydge, NYA 1
CENTER: FIRST TEAM: Frank Boucher, NYR 12; Howie Morenz, Mtl 9; Hooley Smith, Mtl M 4; Joe Primeau, Tor 2; Marty Barry, Bos 1; Nels Stewart, Bos 1; Paul Haynes, Mtl 1; Ebbie Goodfellow, Det 1; Cooney Weiland, Ott 1
SECOND TEAM: Frank Boucher, NYR 10; Howie Morenz, Mtl 7; Hooley Smith, Mtl M 5; Paul Haynes, Mtl 3; Pit Lepine, Mtl 2; Nels Stewart, Bos 1; Joe Primeau, Tor 1; Tom Cook, Chi 1; Cooney Weiland, Ott 1; Marty Barry, Bos 1
RIGHT WING: FIRST TEAM: Bill Cook, NYR 28; Ace Bailey, Tor 1; Baldy Northcott, Mtl M 1; Charlie Conchaer, Tor 1; Jimmy Ward, Mtl M 1
SECOND TEAM: Charlie Conacher, Tor 15; Jimmy Ward, Mtl M 6; Bill Cook, NYR 2; Baldy Northcott, Mtl M 2; Frank Carson, Det 1; Dit Clapper, Bos 1; Busher Jackson, Tor 1; Bun Cook, NYR 1; Herbie Lewis, Det 1; Mush March, Chi 1; Johnny Gottselig, Chi 1
LEFT WING: FIRST TEAM: Baldy Northcott, Mtl M 16; Busher Jackson, Tor 7; Bun Cook, NYR 4; Marty Barry, Bos 3; Charlie Conacher, Tor 1; Aurel Joliat, Mtl 1
SECOND TEAM: Baldy Northcott, Mtl M 10; Busher Jackson, Tor 9; Bun Cook, NYR 6; Hec Kilrea, Det 3; Aurel Joliat, Mtl 2; Marty Barry, Bos 1; Herbie Lewis, Det 1
COACH: FIRST TEAM: Lester Patrick, NYR 17; Dick Irvin, Tor 7; Eddie Gerard, Mtl M 2; Art Ross, Bos 2; Jack Adams, Det 2; Conn Smythe, Tor 1; Tom Gorman, Chi 1
SECOND TEAM: Eddie Gerard, Mtl M 12; Dick Irvin, Tor 7; Lester Patrick, NYR 6; Jack Adams, Det 6; Art Ross, Bos 1

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