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Originally Posted by IHWR View Post
Since you guys seem to be more obsessed with weight than a teenage white girl I thought I'd chime in and offer up a few tidbits on the reporting of weight by teams.

Typically, teams will release a "Development Camp" press guide prior to the camp starting with general information about all the attendees (stats, measurables, etc...). So often times early reports come out based around that camp guide and people tend to take those as the most recent figures but are most liking last year's numbers. Day 1 of any team Development Camp is filled with testing...both physical and mental. This is also where the updated height and weight measurements are taken. Some teams will then release and updated press guide during camp if there's an inter-squad scrimmage or something that will include the newest info.

It may take some time for that info to trickle down to the web though, especially if that player hasn't turned pro yet. The league is notoriously bad at maintaining team roster pages (and this is controlled by the league not the teams) and that's why you'll constantly see former players listed.

Both height and weight reporting is notoriously either incorrect or exaggerated. How much do you tell people you weigh? Now think about how you'd respond if you new a bunch of girls on a hockey message board were going to scrutinize you for it. So taking players at their word isn't all the best approach. Besides, their weight fluctuates like crazy, especially during the season like others have mentioned. I played hockey the other night and weighed myself before the game and the next morning and the difference was about 8 pounds...and I typically walk around at 175.

In the end, I'd base more on what I can actually see than what is reported. Like Tangradi looks like a monster now...and KV's legs are still pretty tiny, but he's added bulk to his upper body. Visible changes are easier to track than weight gain, so it's always good to read reports about a player's appearance as opposed to what he may have weighed at some point when he stepped on a scale.
8 lbs is always what I lost too

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