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07-14-2011, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Chalfdiggity3 View Post
Hell no! prospal is old and cant skate PERIOD! i dont care what he did for the final 29games of the season. Until he can stay healthy and put up pts for the ENTIRE season then he needs to stay away. The guy completley fell apart in the playoffs and cant keep up with the pace of the nhl. Hes like Brendan Shannahan. Everyone loves him but he just cant play in the nhl anymore. I dont have much of a problem if he comes back for cheap and can come in and play once in awhile but to rely on him to be healthy all year is a god awful idea.

I dont see us sigining a vet defender as our 5-7dman and therefor saving 1.5m on the cap. So we would be about alittle more than 2m under the cap. Which by the trade deadline will allow us to add up to 4m in cap in a trade. There is no reason at all to get rid of wolski for garbage. Thats ****** asset management.

By the way who cares what his QO is.. He is a stop gap for this season until Krieder and Thomas are ready to come in, which sounds like it will be next year. If we dont want him next year we dont have to keep him. Everyone makes his contract out to be so horrible but yet its only for 1 year.

Id rather stick with the youth and see what we have and who fits to be able to make a trade for a top 6 player and so forth.
Unlike Wolski, Prospal actually fits on this team, and encompasses what Torts will actually utilize. I strongly disagree about the characterization that he "fell apart" in the playoffs or can't keep up in the NHL.

As you pointed out, in the 29 games he played last year, Prospal put up 23 points. In the 37 games Wolski played with the Rangers, he put up only 19 points.

As a 1 year stopgap, Prospal makes a lot more sense than Wolski, because even though he's slow and old, Torts will actually play him in the top 6 -- because Prospal will actually compete.

EDIT: Believe me, nothing would make me happier than Wolski approaching the game with a new attitude next year. However, I keenly remember our playoff series, where in a 1 goal game, Wolski decides to stop moving his legs despite a 3-4 stride lead on a defenseman racing for an icing. We don't get scored against on that icing, but that's the kind of thing that will see Wolski remain on the outside looking in when Torts is divvying up icetime, even if Wolski is more talented than those he's competing with.

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