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07-14-2011, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by Chalfdiggity3 View Post
I personally dont agree with that and if you read what i wrote, i am talking about how he seems to be revamping his game and his attitude towards the game. When was the last time you heard about Wolski seeking help for his game or anything? Exactly. Im saying that since befriending Boyle and Prust and so forth, it seems like they were able to show the light to Wolski and get through to him about what he needs to do to be successful just like Brian Boyle did last year. And it is about pts right now because we need players who can put the puck in the net.

I think he will get prime ice-time, either next to Richards/gabby, Ani/Cally, or Stepan/whoever. As long as he is put with offensive players he will be good. Dont really know what you mean by his battle worthyness in the playoffs, he was our leading scorer and played very well with Boyle and Prust.

I dont believe Prospal is a solution at all. The guy was injured all year. Of course in the final 29games he will play extremly well. its because the guy has been resting ALL SEASON LONG. Even in those 29 games we saw that he though he was producing, he wasnt able to keep up with the play on the ice. He is to slow, has no battle against the boards, easy to knock off the puck and so forth. I love the guy and how he has heart but id MUCH rather take a chance on a 25yo 50pt winger who seems to have found a home here and a brand new attitude on what he needs to do to be successfull in the NHL. Thats just my take and during next season we will find out either way.

But honestly there is NO desire to give Wolski up for nothing but **** just to clear capspace for what? There is no1 else out there that has the potential that Wolski has. He will most likely be gone next year anyway and the capspace will be clear. Give the guy a chance before you write him off. We all did that to Boyle and NOW look at him.
I never wrote off Boyle. In fact, last offseason I vehemently opposed those who were writing him off. Because although he was ineffective, Boyle showed compete in his first season with the Rangers. As a 4th liner with a 500k cap hit, Boyle served a role even simply as a penalty killer.

That's not true with Wolski. I have not seen any willingness to win puck battles, etc. The icing situation is the most prevalent example that I can recall off hand. It was especially frustrating, because prior to that it looked like maybe him being the healthy scratch got to him and he would put forth an honest effort.

In your view, Prospal may be physically unable to compete. I disagree. In my view, Wolski's mental unwillingness to compete is a much bigger issue, because Torts has already shown that he will not give players that engage in that behavior ice time.

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