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07-14-2011, 11:30 AM
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Originally Posted by Chalfdiggity3 View Post
Look i get what your saying but you also have to put into account that any player who has NOT played all season long just to come back at that time in the season is going to have ALOT in the tank compared to other players. But even at that time he could NOT keep up with the play and yes i agree he has tons of heart but nothing else anymore. I dont mind bringing him back and keeping Wolski but i have no interest in giving up on Wolski yet till after this season or just before the trade deadline. I dont believe Prospal is the answer since the guy CAN NOT stay healthy for a long period of time, he is breaking down.

lol i get the pts part but when your Wolski and you arent put in a chance to succeed for HALF those games then what will your pts totals look like? When he was put on a line where he can use his offensive abilities with other offensive players he was able to pot 12pts in 18games with 2 ROOKIES in Stepan and Zucca. i get what your saying about Prospal's compete level and dont mind bringin him back for insurance purposes but im not interested in giving up on Wolski for Prospal. I see a new attitude in him at the end of the season and this offseason and am wililng to see what he can do with that and a full training camp under torts.

Lol in the playoffs Wolski was our leading scorer and no offense but talking about that type of play then we should get rid of Gaborik for ****ING us over in the playoffs then.. Wolski had a huge lead on the ice against the washington player and was coasting for an icing. Sorry to say but MOST nhl players do that when they have time to get the puck. There are a number of factors as to why he was gliding to the puck for an ICING call lol.
If you're going to treat it as a negative that Prospal came back "fresh", I think you also need to treat it as a positive that he was coming back from a significant injury. At best, I'd say that's a wash. Even if you're in the best of physical conditioning, it isn't easy stepping back into the game after an injury.

Regarding Wolski being our "leading scorer" in the playoffs, I don't consider a goal and two assists in give games as something laud him for, considering how awful he was at everything other than putting up those not-overly-impressive points.

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