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07-14-2011, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by azrok22 View Post
If you're going to treat it as a negative that Prospal came back "fresh", I think you also need to treat it as a positive that he was coming back from a significant injury. At best, I'd say that's a wash. Even if you're in the best of physical conditioning, it isn't easy stepping back into the game after an injury.

Regarding Wolski being our "leading scorer" in the playoffs, I don't consider a goal and two assists in give games as something laud him for, considering how awful he was at everything other than putting up those not-overly-impressive points.
okay fair enough about only playing 29games but still goes to show that Prospal can NOT stay healthy for a full season. So you want to bring prospal back to play another 40 or so games and NOT have a replacement for him or Wolski for the top 6? I have no problem signing and having BOTH players, but in no way in hell am i down for trading wolski for nothing and signing prospal when he wont be ablt to play a full season.

lol oh come on! the whole team played poorly in the playoffs, you singling out wolski just seems like hatred for just him rather than how the entire team performed. But you really cant take away the fact that he was still our leading scorer in the playoffs.

But like i just said earlier, i see a different person now with wolski than i do before. If he wasnt seeking outside help from Underhill and others in order to improve his game and everything else i would agree with you and say send him packing. But anyone who notices their faults and goes themselves to work on those faults and ask for help to make them better shows the willingness that he wants to be better, wants to be here, wants to play hard, and wants to win. I think thats a big indicator as to show that he seems to have changed

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