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07-14-2011, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by azrok22 View Post
Are you under the impression that hockey players don't train in the offseason?

Just because Wolski decided to train with Boyle does not mean he is going to some extraordinary lengths to make himself better. Every single NHLer trains over the offseason. Some with private trainers, some collectively, some with Gary Roberts, etc.

Just because he's training with Underhill does not scream "extraordinary effort." In fact, a majority of our team has worked with Underhill.
ha AZROK, i used to play hockey and i know what its like to train in the offseason and basically every day. I know ALL hockey players and ANY professional athlete trains nonstop. Dont try to be a dick about me stating that this is different than hockey players doing normal offseason training. We are simply having a disagreement

Im under the impression that Wolski and players like him (Zherdev) dont ask for help because they feel that they have all the skill in the world and can do everything on their own. Yes ALL players train in the offseason in every sport, but what your failing to see physcologically is that this is not just training, this is going out and seeking help. It shows that he seems to have finally opened his eyes to what he needs to do to be successful in the nhl. If you know about psychology you can better understand what im talking about with a persons mind set. Since im at work i really dont have time to go over it.

because hes working with Underhill under his own willingness then yes it does scream extra effort on his part. I dont think you get that even tho the ranger players work with underhill, they still arent OBLIGATED to do so. I see the work ethic and the close knit family of our team is rubbing off on Wolski and i personally see him as going to be a different player this next season. But well just have to wait and see who is right. I was right about Boyle last year, lets see about this year.

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