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Originally Posted by Atlas View Post
I am, of course, not impressed again this offseason.

Gaffes: signing Laich at all, signing Laich--a utility infielder--to an All-Star SS contract, keeping Boudreau around for more punishment

The moves that were made were not cohesive. If Alzner bails, then the D will actually be bad again. If he stays they should be better with Hamrlik.

Varly was the best goalie we had and he's gone now. Vokoun might help for this year, but what then? Can we sign him for 4-5mill next year? I don't think we can so he is not the long-term solution at G.

Our C depth is comical. Center is the most important posish there is except for goalie. The Caps are eternally weak at C. It's no surprise we get swiftly bounced every year.

The new wingers should add a little energy. But the team
is still way too easy to play against.

Don't shoot the messenger.
I usually agree with most of your takes on things

On this, I respectfully disagree.

Yes, Laich was dramatically overpaid, and you simply do not sign a grinder to a long-term deal.

BUT... when he's on his game, he's a darn good grinder. If we could ever get him to give 100% on every shift, he might actually be worth what he's being paid.

As for the other moves, I like em, especially the return of JH. The late game face-off improvement by having him back will pay instant dividends.

As for Cocoon, all we need is a year or 2. The other 2 ought to be fully ready to assume the duties by then.

BB? Yeah, still the coach, but on a short rope, I'd wager. Anything less than a great start and it wouldn't surprise me if the plug is pulled on him.

Good moves the off-season or not, if Ted truly wants a Cup, I don't see us going much farther with McPhee if we falter.

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