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Originally Posted by Jagr68NYR94Leetch View Post
You are so far off it's almost unrealistic to believe someone seriously thinks like this.

First off Sather has changed his ways clearly. He is not going to get into a bidding war for Stamkos. He didnt with Brad Richards and he didnt with Kaberle when he was available on the trade block; instead he acquired McCabe.

For the forwards you're just penciling in players based on assumptions; assumptions that are not even correct. In what way is Hagelin as ready as you say? He isn't a guarantee. Just because he was great for Michigan doesnt mean he's ready for the jump to the NHL yet.

Kreider and Thomas are probably 1-2 years away but I don't see them putting up big numbers in their first year. And what about this year? We're not at a stage where we can call it a rebuilding year; we're past that. The past 4-5 years was the buildup to the point we're at. Sather has a plan and he's following it. The farm system has developed, he got the right coach, and he's added the right players in the past couple years to fit the style Torts plays. They're not going to throw in the towel on the 2011-2012 season for one player.

Also you cant automatically move Boyle to wing. For one, a guy is size is better suited to be C and continue to work on his faceoffs. Plus Boyle should play on the 4th line. Unless he can go out this year and prove he can put up 20 goals again, that isnt changing.

I'm not quite sure what the hate is for Wolski. The guy barely had any ice time down the stretch. It's hard for a player to get into a groove if he's getting 8 minutes per game. Give the fricken guy a chance, he has the talent.

I'm sorry but your argument for the defense is PATHETIC. You're absolutely wrong in every way with this. First of all no matter what you try and say, you can't replace Staal. You can't even replace Girardi right now.

Again you make ASSUMPTIONS and throw out names like PASHNIN and PARLETT? Really? C'mon. Pashnin is not ready for the NHL. Yeah it's nice he's very physical but he needs to fine tune the rest of his game. And why the hell does Parlett get a look over Valentenko and Kundratek??? The fact that you dont even mention those names is even more laughable. Either way even if Valentenko and/or Kundratek made the team that is still going to be the weakest and youngest defense in the NHL. Teams will be chomping at the bit to play the rangers with that defense. They will walk all over their inexperienced *****.

This isn't some fantasy/video game scenario. You need to have chemistry, you need to have experience, and you need to have a plan. You just want stamkos because he's a great player. But how does that effect the rest of the organization? I'll tell you it severely handicaps us after all the scouting and transactions that have been made to get to this point and put us on the right path towards an eventual stanley cup. You just ASSUME sather will be able to go out and add somebody if need be. It doesnt work that way. The guys he got were in-season trades. McCabe was a deadline move. We wont be buyers at the deadline when we spent the whole season getting our ***** handed to us because our defense is pathetic.

Sather did not sign brad richards to take 2 steps back for this upcoming season.

And lastly, don't even mention the highest ransom, dont mention any trade proposal. The majority of yours, if not all, have been downright terrible.

Stamkos isn't getting traded. There are no sweepstakes. Lock this thread until he demands a trade or theres a legitimate source saying there are rumors of a trade. Otherwise let any stamkos news appear in the "Around the NHL" thread
We clearly agree to disagree, big time.

I'm too busy to address all this in one shot now, but just to get it started, as to
"First off Sather has changed his ways clearly. He is not going to get into a bidding war for Stamkos. He didnt with Brad Richards and he didnt with Kaberle when he was available on the trade block; instead he acquired McCabe."

I wouldn't assume an uber-elite player like Stamkos gets the same consideration of other possible trade acquisitions. He'll try prudently, as evidenced by Erixon, to get the asset for less if possible, but that type of opportunity rarely knocks. The better the player, the more he is likely to command, all things being equal (no disclaimer "I only want to play in _________").

Slats was smart about Richards. I was never for giving up Anisimov for him, especially when it was clear HE WAS GOING TO BE A UFA. This is not the case w/Stamkos. Either he will consider offer sheets and sign one (not likely, and it was a given we shouldn't to avoid the backlash) or he remains w/TB.

If he remains w/TB, they have to decide if they will swallow the financial package it takes to keep him. I think they do, and worse case scenario say thanks Vinnie LaCav, buh-bye. But for some unforeseen reason, they MAY consider trading him depending upon the contract and other factors. It is clear that in the short term they either make him happy or piss him off, which does not seem smart for long term.

So the point remains IF Lightning decide to remove him only if Stamkos yields a ransom, and the given is the whole league will bid, assuming you want to pay that ransom, how high would that offer be? When the price gets too high, enough clubs may reduce their bids, which may allow Rangers to reduce their bid as well. But again, the focus is how high would you be prepared to go, not what do want to give up.

Kaberle is barely one dimensional, and McCabe was a waste of a third round pick. I wouldn't underscore them as benchmarks for being bold to consider acquiring an all world talent like SS.

more to follow later..

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