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10-21-2003, 07:50 AM
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Sundstrom for Tucker.

Can't even consider it without putting aside emotion for the moment.

But let's be serious here. Sundstrom is a defensive player with some decent skills who's languising on the fourth line because he's been outplayed by Dackell. That said, we have to consider that Juneau and Bulis have always liked playing with Dax, so perhaps there's an element of chemistry that supercedes what Sundstrom brings to the table. Now, take Sundstrom's defensive abilities and put it on the Leaf roster where, let's be honest, they are in desperate need of players who can help out that horrid defense. Not a bad fit, in my opinion.

Turn the table and look at Tucker. He's a super-pest who has some serious offensive abilities that are overlooked because of his penchant for being an idiot. I'd go as far as to say he's second line quality for the Habs. And while everyone in the league hates to play against him, I'm pretty certain that, should he don the bleu-blanc-rouge, there would be an immediate about face and a love-in for the repatriated draft pick.

From a pure talent angle, the trade doesn't work for Toronto; they're giving up a little more than they're getting. But when you take out the element of idiocy which would make their team immediately better because of the lesser penalties and lesser division in the dressing room, I think it's a trade that's highly more likely.

Moreover, it's a good fit in Montreal because there's no way on Earth that Gainey is going to let Tucker pull the crap he's been pulling recently, and I think you'd see a return to the feisty, but controlled player who scored rather well a couple of seasons back.

Unfortunately, with Fergie Jr at the helm in Toronto, his first trade is going to have to be more than just getting rid of a headache in exchange for a role-playing defensive forward, and as such, I would expect him to demand a little more, citing Tucker's obvious scoring potential. A mid-round draft pick, say a fifth, would probably make him happy and make the deal palitable for both clubs.

Of course, this is all speculation, because the chances of Montreal and Toronto being trading partners is minimal at best. I can guarantee that the Buds would like pretty much anything inthe world other than facing Tucker five times a year.

I mean, think of how you feel.

A concerned fan.

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