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Originally Posted by Emma Royd View Post
Fewer games, yes, but more free time? That's highly debatable.

More free time outside of hockey. College studies can take time, but it's really voluntary for most students. You can do next to nothing in 99% of colleges and get more than the required 2.0 GPA assuming any intelligence whatsoever. Studying is what you do if you are looking to get your GPA above 3.0 and even then it's very little studying. Only the good students, those getting above 3.5 are really studying.

I am sure some of these kids do that. Stefan Cherneski I remember was something like the top student in Western Canada (don't remember if it were among hockey players only or in some competition among all students, athletes and otherwise), but there are plenty of them who do nothing, just go to class (occasionally) merely to get by.

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