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07-14-2011, 02:51 PM
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Another big one - lateral movement is your friend! Too many people try to beat defenders by skating right at them with no lateral movement, and then trying to toe drag or put the puck between the defenders feet when he's perfectly balanced and in position, needless to say this rarely works unless you have truly magic hands. Start moving side to side early, before you get to the defender, instead of coming straight at him come forward with big strong crossovers, changing directions once or twice before you reach him. You can often get your defender somewhat off balance or out of position just with a bit of lateral movement as you're rushing up the ice, it'll make him much easier to beat.

Same goes for goalies if you're coming in with space/time, by getting yourself moving side to side a bit you can get the goalie off balance/out of position.

Obviously this doesn't apply (with dmen or goalies) when someone is right on your tail hounding you, but if you've got some time and space, look to move side to side a bit with the puck.

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