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07-14-2011, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Puckface NYR View Post
Nope, taxes will be raised.

And from what i've gathered from this thread, there are two reasons that this is a positive.

1) It will help to create new jobs.

2) Our taxes will potentially go up even if this doesn't pass.

These ideas are both easily debunked as:

1) There are many other things that can be built there that would bring more, stable jobs, than a sports arena.

2) It is not a known fact that our taxes will go up if this doesn't pass. However, it is a fact that if this passes, they will go up and be used to pay for a stadium that a billionaire owner could easily fund himself.

3) There are better uses for our tax money.

I will be voting and it will be in the no column. Additionally, I would really be surprised if this passed, as there are many conservatives on long island and raising taxes to build a sports arena isn't exactly their viewpoint on things.
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