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Originally Posted by Snotbubbles View Post
He had surgery to correct it, so he doesn't have a herniated disc anymore. If he had nerve damage, the doctors would already know about it.
Coming from someone who's dealt with this, I can tell you that you're so off base with this, it's not even funny.

When you have a herniated disc, they remove part of the disc. You're still subject to re-injury of the disc, and your disc/back will never be the same again. That disc used to support part of your weight, now it's broken... it can't provide the same type of shock absorption. You NEVER fully heal from a herniated disc, especially if you get the surgery because then part of the disc is removed... it can't heal.

As far as the nerve goes, you can have slow-healing damage to your nerves that doesn't show up on MRIs. I had this myself, it took physical therapy 5x a week and a full year to get back to my normal level of strength and flexibility. And after any kind of workout / athletic competition, your back stiffens up and hurts like you wouldn't believe. Good luck trying to play 4 nights of hockey per week.

Btw, just so you know, Leighton had a herniated disc last year, and if you look @ his performance in 2009-2010 compared to 2010-2011, you can see it might have had an effect. I can't say for sure because 2009-2010 was obviously a career year, but it very well might've impacted him.

I'm hoping Pronger will be fine, but going through it myself, I can't be as blindly confident/cocky as some on here about it.

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