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10-21-2003, 08:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs4ever
he was our best player last year, and we haven't even seen him play yet, so why are so many posters, even from media are having field week, From my understanding Hossa will be sent down to the minors to make place for Koivu, and Ribeiro will probably move back on wing side, BG has said he won't make any move before atleast giving all the players chance to prove themselves, and from look of things Hossa's inability to put the puck in the net will land him in Hamilton, he's not ready to play on top line, atleast from the scoring perspective, though I still like he's size and two way game, hossa needs to get away from spotlight for now, or he'll get burned big time.

It's something with the Montreal media, they did the same thing wehn we had Turgeon, Damphousse and Koivu, at the time Turgeon was our #1 centerman and Koivu was playing very well so they ran him out of town, why do we do this to all our best players, every Habs website I go on, every radio show I listen to, it's trade Koivu, move him to the wing, can't wait til the team (hopefully not) starts loosing 3 or 4 in a row, all the Koivu haters will all suddenly turn into Koivu fans, I mean I like Ribeiro and all, but he's not ready to be our #1 centerman, is he good enough to be our 2nd...yes, can the team survive with Koivu, Ribeiro and Perreault, not to mention Juneau....NO! I know,BG is not dumb enough to trade Koivu or Ribeiro right now, and I know CJ is not dumb enough to move Koivu to the wing or Ribeiro for that matter, that's what MTL fans and media are best known for, driving their best players out of town...Let's see Thursday night when the Islanders come to town, and Mike Peca shadows Mike Ribeiro, we'll see how he does.

I for one love the way the Habs are playing right now, and I only think they can be even better with the addition of Koivu, not to mention Kilger.

edit-Hossa will not and should not be sent down, maybe if people spent less time looking at the name on the back of his jersey, and more on his game they would realize that the effort is there and the results will come.

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