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07-14-2011, 05:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Puckface NYR View Post
Nope, taxes will be raised.

And from what i've gathered from this thread, there are two reasons that this is a positive.

1) It will help to create new jobs.

2) Our taxes will potentially go up even if this doesn't pass.

These ideas are both easily debunked as:

1) There are many other things that can be built there that would bring more, stable jobs, than a sports arena.

2) It is not a known fact that our taxes will go up if this doesn't pass. However, it is a fact that if this passes, they will go up and be used to pay for a stadium that a billionaire owner could easily fund himself.

3) There are better uses for our tax money.

I will be voting and it will be in the no column. Additionally, I would really be surprised if this passed, as there are many conservatives on long island and raising taxes to build a sports arena isn't exactly their viewpoint on things.
LOL. Where do you think the lost sales tax & hotel tax revenue is going to come from if not in the form of higher property taxes? What do you think is going to be built there that will bring in that $? Another mall? Is that what LI needs? Another mall 1 mile away from a mall? I know if the Roosevelt Field Zales Jewlery doesn't have that tennis bracelet your girlfriend wants, then maybe the Uniondale Mall Zales will have one.

Enjoy your higher property taxes in a few years if you vote no. Just don't complain about it. You are voting for MUCH higher taxes. You just can't see past next april to realize this.

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