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Originally Posted by The Healthy Scratch View Post
Would LOVE for you to get me a stat on how many players are 23 and over in the NCAA. Maybe 2-5%? And if they are playing in the NCAA still at that age, they probably aren't very good.
I have no idea where to find that stat, so I just did some quick math. This is for Hockey East, an extremely competitive conference:

259 total players in 2010, 37 who were 23 or older = 14.3%.

Again, I don't know where to find the stats, but the average NCAA hockey player in any given year is somewhere between 20 and 21 years old. This is just me glancing at about 20 rosters sorted by age, nothing official.

The average CHL player is somewhere around 18 years old, again from sorting rosters by age and approximating.

There's a pretty large difference in physical maturity between an 18-year old and a 20/21-year old, which is why a lot of us here prefer our more physically advanced players go the NCAA route. Otherwise, they'll just be steamrolling kids that aren't nearly as physically developed (on average), a la Evgeny Grachev.

Doing some fairly basic research, it seems that just about 30% of NHL players during the 2010-2011 season came from the NCAA hockey ranks. About 45% of them come from Major Junior--the OHL, QMJHL, and WHL combined. There has been about a 5% swing towards NCAA players over the past decade, when college players made up about 25% of NHL players. The rest come from Europe or elsewhere.


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