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10-21-2003, 09:40 AM
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I recall a couple of years ago when the Oilers were struggling and after a game where the whole team played badly, taking way to many penalties and Toddy was out on the PK killing off odd man situation all night long, Marchant drew undeserved criticism. After the game Marchant was singled out because late in the game he did the Flamingo leg raise so as not to take another shot on an already sore ankle. The game was well out of reach at that point and the Oilers' players were looking to get-in some physical payback, thus a parade to the penalty box and Todd being overworked on the PK. Marchant had uncharactistically lost a couple of defensive zone draws that had resulted in one freak deflection goal and a center had tip a puck by Todd and bulled to the net and scored another. All this occurred after the 'Oil' were well behind and being outplayed everywhere on the ice.

Admittedly this was not one of Marchant's better games although he had skated and worked doggedly all night long which was not the case for virtually all of his teammates. Plus his linesmates had just been traded away. Immediately after the game was over, both the GM and the Coaching staff unbelievably singled out Todd for postgame abuse.

Being the class act that he is, Todd took it on the chin, apologized to the club, his teammates, and the fans ... and to this day I'm not sure why or what he had to apologize for? Other players had played much worse that game and had been under-performing all year! Many long time fans spoke out, myself incuded, in Todd's defense but we all knew that that incident would come back to haunt the Copper & Blue.

To compound that 'incident' when Todd's contract came up for renewal the Oilers' Management lowballed him yet again, probably because they spent to much money signing Comrie and because of the Dopita pick-up and ultimate payout debacle. The Oilers' losing Marchant to free agency is perhaps K-lo's lowest moment as the Oilers GM. Mike ??? who ??? can't even be mentioned in the same sentence as Toddy Marchant whose 10 year career with the 'Oil' stands as one of the few and true highlights during a darker decade in Oilers' Hockey. Just one fans point of view.

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