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07-14-2011, 11:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Avder View Post
What generated rivalries way back in the day was how you would see your rivals like 8 or more times a year, right? Well, right now we only see our divisional rivals 6 times a year, and we will under this new structure as well, at least that's what the rumors have said. If we really want rivalries to get potent, somehow we need to increase the competition within the divisions. Increase division infighting, if you will.
No. What created rivalries back in the day was division round playoffs to determain each division champion. Going two rounds against division opponents... and then the likely hood of strong teams meeting up repeatedly in the post season as a result, THAT is what generated the rivalries like the North Stars and Blackhawks had.

It was almost an every year playoff matchup in either the first or 2nd round... North Stars vs Blackhawks.

The 4 division setup with the top 4 going to the playoffs is supposed to bring that back. Rivaries in the NHL have always been born in the playoffs, not the regular season.

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