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07-15-2011, 07:23 AM
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This is what I got from Google Translate:

Forced to play the guitar and selling shampoo in Gothenburg
Here are celebrating hockey player Henrik Lundqvist his bachelor party.
Before laughing friends he was forced to play the guitar and sell shampoo to holidaymakers in Gothenburg.

- He played real good, says a witness.
The Swedish superstar Henrik "Henke" Lundqvist, 29, proposed to his girlfriend, Therese Andersson, last December. Now it is almost time for the wedding.

And today surprised the hockey star's friends with him a bachelor party.
Henke had among other things, to dress up in royal apparel, tune the guitar and selling shampoo in the mall compass in Gothenburg. While his friends went around and screamed in megaphones that holidaymakers would buy the shampoo.

Henke seemed to thrive, and he actually played really well, says a person who stopped to listen to the star.
Several people also stopped to buy shampoo by Henke. How much he was paid does not tell the story.
The evening continues with a stag party.
The wedding will take place in the Caribbean the first week of August with 32 invited guests.

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