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07-15-2011, 08:59 AM
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As to Machesney, my point is it sounded like some people were surprised to see Machesney tagged to start the season in the ECHL and not sure why that should surprise anyone. As to Ford, not sure why re-signing Ford would make much sense over signing Machesney. Also worth noting that Yingst/Prior/Kolzig are all familiar with Machesney given his history with the organization.

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Thanks sk8. Reading the WaPo story on Grubauer this morning it looks like ECHL may have been the plan all along, which doesn't surprise me. In which case having Machesney in for added depth makes a ton of sense, so that they might not ever need Grubauer to start at the AHL level if they don't think he's ready.
Haven't read the story, but ECHL looked to be the plan all along, I think is the case... didn't know anyone was questioning that...he was slotted as the 5th to start the season like Holtby and Neuvirth have been in the past. Anyway, the only issue is whether or not that is still the plan, I assume it is, but an overage CHL season or other place to play could be an option, too, is all.

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