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07-15-2011, 09:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Gary320 View Post
Nah, it would make zero sense. They want to reach the cap floor. Why give away $$?

IT's likely a average prospect + pick for Gomez if there were a deal.
Originally Posted by prairie hab View Post
The ONLY way the Isles make a move to land Gomez would partly be to acquire salary so they can get to the salary floor.

Why would Gauthier want those two plugs? This trade does not improve the Habs whatsoever - Gauthier's prime motivation to move Gomez is that he is seriously underperforming given his contract value. To take on equal salary in a trade for Gomez is just ridiculous, especially if said players are lesser players. Gomez is worth more to the Habs than to just trade him for equal money and for less than effective players comparatively.

If there is ANY shred of truth to an Isles/Habs deal involivng Gomez, I guarantee you that the Isles will be taking on the bulk majority of salary in that deal.
They will looking to acquire cap hit not salary necessarily.
Gomez is owed under his cap hit of 7.3M$, Eaton and Hunter have combined a cap hit of 4.5M$, so the cap hit "acquisition" is there.
But with that being said, I would be opposed to that type of deal cause it weakens the Habs.
Cap consideration is not all, Gomez is still a pretty usefull player.
Just don't see why Isles would part with a young piece like Bailey to acquire Gomez.

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