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Originally Posted by True Blue
On another note, what is to be done about our top 2 LW's? Both Rosie and Hlavac are simply invisible. Not to mention that Rocinsky looks utterly lost out on the ice. This is becoming another Ulanov/Ciger scenario. IS Sather is going to just keep giving them chances after chances? When is there a point when enough is enough?
Another Ulanov/Ciger situation???

That's going waaayyy overboard.

While they've been quiet lately and haven't done much just who on the team has???

Nedved-Kovie are starting to come to life after being lifeless the 1st few games so let's see those 2 guys get hot and see if Hlavac remains cold hurting the other 2 before we start calling him Ciger after 5 games.

And make no mistake---these 2 guys on 1 yr 1.5 and 1 million dollar deals are SUPPORT players who feed off of others rather than take the lead.

They are complimentary type of players.

And of everybody on the Nedved line Hlavac is the only one to have a goal with a goalie in net.As I said, wait until Kovie and Petr get their "A" games going and see if Jan goes along for the ride.And while his hands and passing hasn't been up to par he has shown effort in every game and has made a concious effort to take the body.

As for Rosie it's the same thing.Lindros has been the only one starting to go on that line and Carter was practically invisible prior to being bumped.

Rosie is a fit with Lindros and does the little things Eric needs like bring speed and puckcarrying, above average passing and good hands while also being decent along the boards.Have these things been shown in abundance---No, but the team has yet to get anything sparked offensively as they are trying to settle into the new system.

Rosie is good on the PK and actually had 4 shorties last yr and had been a solid yr where Blue fans gave him credit for his hard work.

Looks like Lindros is out 2-4 weeks so things look to get interesting.

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