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10-21-2003, 10:04 AM
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Originally Posted by ruffneck69
big whoop 5 games into the season and the Oilers are in second place. Good job meat head making youself look like a loser. The Oilers would be lucky to be in 6th place this year and you have make our board look bad say stupid things like the Oilers are in second place. Well tell you what, the oil will lose tonight.
First things first; please, do us all a favour, slow down, and type to make sense. Type it into Word and correct all of the green and red lines before posting.

Second, I think it was pretty clear, at least to me, that Oi'll Say! was kidding around. You are right; who cares what the standings are now??

As for your predictions; "lucky to place in 6th", and "the oil will lose tonight", let me tell you; I would love to have those telepathic skills. Any reason for those predictions? Let's review the facts; EDM beat COL just two days ago, and you are writting off the Oilers against arguably an inferior hockey team?

Please back your statements up with reasoning.

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