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07-15-2011, 11:18 AM
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Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
Your comments bring to mind another situation with the Kings I wonder about. Since the lockout at least, the Kings are used as a model of a build through the draft type franchise, but at the same time, I can't help but think Lombardi focuses too much of his energies on the back end on defense and in net, creating these massive log jams. Having an embarrassment of riches isn't a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination, but one problem with having a back log of prospects at one position is a lot of them get lost in the shuffle, as you suggest, and their value certainly doesn't appreciate at the rate they would had they made the NHL and established themselves. At the same time, the Kings always seem to be looking for offensive help, especially on the wings. I can't help but think that had Lombardi spread out some of his higher picks on forwards. Like Forbort before Tarasenko.
Well, that's a great point and I assure you there is no easy response amongst Kings fans. Many would side with you in saying that Lombardi needed to spread out the drafting love when it comes to positional need, but if you were to talk to Lombardi he would, of course, say that he would always draft the best player available and that the Kings needed to build from the back out, which shows what types of players he values more.

For Lombardi it goes goaltender, defenseman, center, winger, and he would argue that by drafting the best player who happens to be a defenseman it would give him assets to later trade for offensive help if he needed it, which is debatable. I just think that Lombardi couldn't fail with defense and goaltending; therefore, he had to ensure success by overstocking the shelves and making sure that no matter if there were huge busts, we were going to succeed in having top quality defense and goaltending, and now that we have, he turned to solidifying the center position from top to bottom, and now that he has done that, he can focus mainly on the wingers. It is less work for him to keep the engine running with the cupboards stocked and players in place now, and if he needs anything later on, he can just trade for it and keep drafting well.

But that is his vision, personally, I think it would be kind of nice to go for the flashy forward every once in a while (outside of the usual 7th round low risk/high reward selection), but I can't argue with Dean given how well he has done with his plan, now all he needs is results on the ice, we are holding our breath...


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