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10-21-2003, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by JR#9
Another Ulanov/Ciger situation???

That's going waaayyy overboard.
All right, that may have been a bit impetuous. Just fears of the stupidity of the past 6 years rearing it's ugly head again.
Yes, we have to give them more time, but the question is how much more? It's not like we are talking about a pair of green rookies. We're talking about 2 forwards whose play has been on a steady decline the past 3 years.
Guess you're right and they should be given more time. I just fear that they may never show that they are up to snuff and Jackass will do nothing about it as he has done in the past 6 years. He may have fooled Tampa into taking Ciger's contract a few years ago. But if Rosie and Janne do no show any improvement, then Jackass will be hard-pressed to find a taker for either of them.

"Heck, 5 games in and Mess is averaging under 14 minutes per game, zero to little PP time, and mostly with fourth liners...ever think you'd see that, even 5 games in?"

You're right on that one, Fletch. No, I did not think that I would see that even 5 games in. However, I'm loathe to remove him from a spot where he works the best in. Even for a few weeks. No way should he replace Lindros for even a few weeks.
We sure will be able to tell a lot about this team of ours now. People are going to have to step it up. Lindros and Leetch probably are going to return at the same time. Even w/o Lindros, theoretically this team should still have enough to be competitive.

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