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Origin of screen-name: I picked up watching hockey again in the 90s (after a short break) when the Russian Five were at their peak; RedMenace is a reference to the anti-Communist movement spearheaded by Joseph McCarthy in the late 1940s to late 1950s. I also have red hair and my favourite colour is red...

Where ya from: North Carolina. My entire family is from Detroit (west side), so I came into liking the Wings honestly.

Favorite Current Red Wing player(s): Datsyuk, Helm, Hudler, Lidstrom, Eaves, Bertuzzi, Commodore (... )

Favorite All-Time Red Wing player(s): Too many to list.

Favorite non-Red Wing player(s): Steve Ott, Sean Avery, Tim Thomas

Least-Favorite non-Red Wing player(s): Chris Effing Pronger, Skinnedknee Crysby, Teemu Selanne (I used to like him until he started whining with the *ucks...), Matt Cooke, Chris Kunitz

Favorite food: Meats and starches.

Favorite beer: Snakebite/Poor Man's Black Velvet. It's actually a combination drink made by floating Guinness on top of cider.

Other teams/sports you watch: I'll watch or play pretty much any sport (except baseball), but I mainly stick to the Wings and hockey (which I haven't played in about 8 years now. Sigh...). I get Centre Ice every season, so I try to watch as many games/teams as possible.

I also, however futilely, cheer for the Lions.

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