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07-15-2011, 02:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Atlas View Post
I'm glad you are enjoying the signing, Mothra. I love Alzner.

I don't think this is wizardry on McPhee's part. I imagine he would've preferred an 8-10 year deal for Alzner. And if Alzner was so eager to commit to the Caps he would've pushed for a long-term deal himself.

This deal gives Alzner flexibility and a decent paycheck while playing with Carlson (and Ovie).

He's a class act.
I don't think that necessarily... he knows he'll be able to get a bigger, better contract in a couple of years, and he'll be worth that contract. He also knows that he's not worth that contract right now. So he signed a deal to take him through long enough to establish himself to the point where he will be worth a long-term, high dollar contract. He might even sign a one-year deal in 2014 to take him to UFA. But that doesn't mean he doesn't intend to stay with the Caps, it just means he knows that his contractable value is going to change during those time periods. I'm surprised he gave up a year after his arbitration eligibility. That to me shows commitment to the Caps more than anything else said or done during this deal.

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