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10-21-2003, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Peter Griffin
Cooke is better than Brown defensively and a helluva a lot better checker, agitator, and hitter. If you just look at stats and say "hey, Brown has more goals then Cooke, he's worth more!", then you don't know the first thing about player values. As for Zhitnik, isn't he a UFA soon? Doesn't he make close to $4 mil? Thats why he's only worth a 2nd rounder in a trade. He's worth a helluva a lot more to the Sabres, but no team is going to trade more then a 2nd round pick for Zhitnik considering his age(close to UFA status) and salary.
Curtis Brown and Matt Cooke are about the same defensively. Both have received votes for the Selke Award.

The difference is that Brown is probably better offensively. Cooke is better physically and makes less money.

Trade value wise? Cooke is more valuable than Brown, but not by a lot.

I agree that Zhitnik won't get much as he is an UFA soon. I don't think Buffalo will deal him for that reason.