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07-15-2011, 04:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Prustqvist24 View Post

People have anointed certain numbers as "sniper" numbers and think it's weird when anyone who isn't a "sniper" wheres one. It's usually because of famous player who wore the number and comes to mind before anyone else, or in some cases, because a famous sniper wore it, and it's an uncommon number.


Malkin wears 71. Not a very common number. Rupp signs with the Rangers, and his number 17 is already in use so he chooses 71. People complain that Rupp shouldn't be wearing a "sniper number".

OP claims 9 is a sniper number, but #9 always makes me think of Adam Graves first, who scored plenty of goals but is not what I would typically term a sniper. I don't think of 9 as a sniper number.

I grew up associating #27 with Kovalev, who you could call a sniper. Now Ryan McDonagh is wearing 27 for the Rangers and I'm not thinking to myself "hey, why is our new defenseman wearing a sniper number".

In other words, it's stupid and entirely subjective.
Thanks for the reply. I understand the concept of a what a "sniper" is in hockey, but tried the almighty Google and couldn't find any bit of reference to snipers wearing certain numbers.

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