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07-15-2011, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by HTFN View Post
Hard to jump to a bigger conclusion than this:

According to this tool, Paquette wants to BE Matt Cooke.

Sensationalist journalism is so great.
ok, the kid said he was a dirty player and compared himself to matt cooke. not sure how sensationalist that is...

quick poll--don't think about it. who's the biggest d bag in hockey? if cooke's not in your top 5, you haven't been paying attention. this caps "prospect" said that's who he plays like, who he wants to be. we're not talking about dale hunter. we're not talking about a gritty/on the edge type guy. we're talking about a guy who aspires to be a gutless cheap shot artist that's hated by everyone, up to and including his teammates.

either the kid's dumb as a bag of hammers or he's clueless as to what he actually says. either way, don't want him around.

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