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Originally Posted by Jee View Post
Which one is better to burn fat on treadmill (regardless of the overall body workout after) ?

16 minutes intervals (2 minutes) / low = 5,0 ; high = 8,0


42 minutes intervals (2 minutes) / low = 3,5 ; high = 6,5
I have heard its best to do high intensity sprints for short amounts of time or bursts as they like to call it and it is more effective over a shorter period of time opposed to running/biking for longer periods at more consistent levels

you guys should check out sixpackshortcuts and athleanx on youtube...they specialize in maximizing the afterburn affect which is one fo the best ways for burning fat and building muscle

pure cardio is rather ineffective because u eventually start burning muscle whereas doing their workouts u burn fat and build lean muscle through high intensity workouts in very short amounts of time

i have already gained about ten pounds in two months using their philosophies and i burned about 5 pounds off my belly

i am 5'11 165 now where i used to be about 158 but lost 3 pounds off my belly and gained ten in muscle!

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