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I'll take D Phat Wilson

Hockey Hall of Fame Member
3x Thunder Bay Senior Hockey League Scoring Champion
3x Allan Cup Champion
4x Allan Cup Finalist
18G, 12A in 50 career MHL Senior League Games
19G, 15A in 37 career MTBHL Games
72G, 35A in 142 career TBSHL Games

Regarded as one of the top amateur players of his time, Wilson was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1962.

Wilson moved to Iroquois Falls, Ontario for a season to play in the Northern Ontario Hockey Association (NOHA) in 1921–22 before returning to Port Arthur a year later to play for the Port Arthur Bearcats. He was a top player in the NOHA, leading Port Arthur to an Allan Cup championship in 1925 as Canada's national senior champions. Wilson and the Bearcats repeated as champions the following year and won a third Allan Cup in 1929. Professional teams took note of his play; teams from Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto all offered him but he declined, preferring to remain in his hometown.

He was an outstanding offensive defenceman who won several scoring titles during his career. He retired as a player in 1932 at the age of 37 and took on the dual role of coach and manager of the Bearcats. In recognition of his career in Port Arthur, Wilson was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1962 and the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame in its inaugural class of 1982.

A perennial image on the sports scene of Thunder Bay (Port Arthur) for over 40 years, Gordon 'Phat' Wilson enjoyed an exceptional amateur hockey career in the early days of this region’s illustrious hockey history.

Born in Port Arthur in 1895, Wilson got his first taste of hockey in the local church leagues. Not even knowing how to skate when he tried out for St. Andrew's in 1914, he mastered not only the blades, but the stick as well, moving on to the senior ranks in 1918.

Joining the lineup of the Iroquois Falls team in the N.O.H.A. League for the 1921-22 season, he competed in what would be the first of many Allan Cup play downs. Returning home to the Port Arthur Seniors the next season, he went on to become a major force in the success of his hometown in Allan Cup play. His hard work and dedication saw the Port Arthur Seniors capture the region’s first Allan Cup title in 1924-25, an accomplishment repeated in 1926 and again in 1929.

A brilliant defenseman remembered for his rink-long rushes, he won several scoring titles throughout his career, including the Thunder Bay Senior Hockey scoring title in his last three years as an active player. Not surprisingly, he was offered many professional contracts, however, he turned them all down, remaining instead in his hometown. Given the fact that he was 30 years of age when he captained the Seniors to their first Allan Cup title in 1926, his accomplishments on the ice were that much more impressive. Retiring from active competition in 1933 at the age of 37 years as a playing coach, he moved behind the bench to coach Port Arthur again in 1938 and 1940.

As well as being an outstanding hockey player, this exceptional athlete was also a stand-out baseball player and he contributed his talents to the building side of that sport. In 1952 when Little League baseball began in northwestern Ontario, he served as the first President of the Port Arthur National League going on to become the first Little League District Commissioner for the area.

Not surprisingly, Gordon 'Phat' Wilson's incredible athletic abilities did not go unnoticed on the national scene. In 1962, he was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, becoming one of very few amateur players ever to be so honoured.

There are few men who have done more for hockey in their native communities than has Gordon Allan "Phat" Wilson. A product of the Lakehead, Wilson joined the local church league hockey team at St. Andrew's in 1914 before he learned to skate. He spent his first year as a sub but came back the next year with much improved skating abilities and took his position on defence. Wilson spent the following two seasons playing in the local junior hockey circuit before joining the War Veterans Senior Hockey Club in 1918.

With two seasons of senior hockey under his belt, he tried his luck in the NOHA with Iroquois Falls in 1921-22. The team made it to the Allan Cup playdowns, eventually losing to the Toronto Granites. Wilson returned home and stayed with amateur hockey, eventually guiding Port Arthur to the Allan Cup in 1925, 1926, and 1929. His play did not go unnoticed by the pros and he was offered contracts with Edmonton, Calgary, and Toronto but turned them all down.

He was noted as an all-time great amateur player whose long rushes down ice contributed to his winning the senior scoring title as a defenceman. Although he retired from active play in 1933 at the age of 37, he stayed very active in the hockey and sports scene in Port Arthur.

Two youngsters and a pair of veterans were the standouts as the Lakehead men erased the two goal lead set up by the Westerners and then set up a margin of their own. "Phat" Wilson, who has played in 3 Allan Cup teams, and xxx were the old timers who shone in the hard won victory.

By counting the goal that tied up the round in the opening period, Wilson displayed the game's prettiest individual tally. In the powerful lone rush style that has placed him - at 35 years of age - among the most feared defensemen in amateur hockey, he sifted through the Trail team and back-handed the puck over xxx's shoulder.

Less than a minute after the second session opened the Canadian champions were ahead on the round and again it was Wilson who engineered the play. Down into the corner sped "Phat" and he lashed the puck backward to xxx, going fast down the right wing. The little Finn caught the net corner with a fast snap shot.

xxx had turned aside ten dead on shots, two were from Wilson after sallies that carried him into the goalmouth.

xxx, veteran defenseman, who starred with "Phat" Wilson on the attack throughout the game...

Heavy framed Phat Wilson, veteran of 3 Dominion title teams, last night led a new crop of Portmen to a 2 to 1 victory over Winnipeg. To rangy Charlie Sands and xxx went the lakehead team's goals, but it was the confidence old "Phat" inspired in his young proteges that really won.

Led by the inimitable Gordon Wilson, the Port Arthur team are a smooth, fast skating machine... xxx in goal is sound, while xxx and Wilson form a stalwart rearguard. The former has developed alongside Wilson.

xxx and Phat Wilson were the mainstays of the Port Arthur squad...

"Phat" Wilson, stalwart defenseman, just started on his 3rd decade.

On but rare occasions during the entire third game were the Frenchmen able to pierce through the danger zone in front of Baker. They took check after check from xxx and "Phat" Wilson on the rearguard.

Just a few hours too late, the Canadian Olympic Committee heard today Gordon (Phat) Wilson, star defence player, would have been available to join the Winnipegs had he know they were being strengthened. Winnipegs are Canada's Olympic hockey team.

"Wilson would have been a strong addition to the team," said Mr. Hewitt. "and we would have given him serious consideration. The Manitoba Hockey Association, which had the choice, would probably have thought it over very seriously too, for Phat is a great player."

xxx was given better protection by the xxx-Wilson defense, than xxx received from his outer guard.

...and the veteran "Phat" Wilson stickhandled through the Trail defense to hang up another.

Port Arthur's brilliant front trio, xxx, xxx, and xxx dominated the play throughout, assisted in their offensive efforts by Wilson, whose rushing was one of the game's features.

It is no secret that every member of the Port Arthur regular team has received fine offers to play elsewhere next season. Practically every team in the east is bidding for their services... xxx can take a Toronto St. Pat or a New York uniform any time he desires. And so can "Phat" Wilson. The pair of defensive stalwarts are sought singly and as a pair by most of the eastern pro teams.

All scored on team plays, the Lakemen's goals were a trio of mechanically exact achievements. Only the forwards figured in the 3 tallies, indicating the rear guard duo- Wilson and xxx- devoted the bulk of their time to protecting xxx in the nets.

Holders of Allan Cup Take Hockey Round 5-4, "Phat" Wilson and xxx Play Stellar Game

Hopes for Port Arthur fans for a third Allan Cup team in five years have swelled with the improved showing of the lake men's defense in the series opener. xxx, hard checking defensive stalwart, showed a new found attacking ability and "Phat" Wilson, veteran captain, bodied with unusual effectiveness.

Jovial "Phat" Wilson, best known ice star out of pro ranks, is retiring from his defense post for Port Arthur Sailors after 15 title-dotted years in the senior game...Next season, broad shoulder "Phat"...

When the "Old Fox" passed out of the stickhandling bodychecking panorama in 1929, "Phat" persevered in his struggle to yet unattained heights...So, "Phat" retired. Though he could still trade bumps with the huskiest or hurdle a hardy way through the finest foes, he said: "I don't feel the way I used to."

A young forward of the Ports' last team-who has since made good in pro company-tells of the fighting spirit "Phat" insisted in instilling in his mates, especially since he became captain 3 years ago.

Still other point to Gordon "Phat" Wilson as the greatest defenseman to ever ink a pro contract.

like his predecessor, the great Phat Wilson, seems satisfied to stay where he is. Wilson, who almost beat the Granites single handedly one night, was good enough for any hockey company.

But this year, there is Phat Wilson, who has already thrown out his own brand of body checks on 3 Allan Cup brigades.

For a dozen years, Wilson has been trading bumps and scoring goals in senior hockey-he had been at the game only 4 years when he entered the top level of the amateur game.

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