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07-15-2011, 11:32 PM
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Tongue tucked under shinpad, sock over the tendon guard as well.

The way is see it, it's just like skating without gear, except...with gear on top. lol. As in, when i just head out to fool around without gear, i don't have anything awkwardly wedged inside the tongue of my skates.

And as for the 'flexibility' or 'range of motion' thing...I don't really see how it matters much, as my shin doesn't bend much anyway. lol. The ankle can bend just as well either way as far as i can tell.

So i go with the option that i feel offers better protection, and also, doesn't involve the bottom of my shinpad constantly rubbing and jabbing my ankle as i skate. Instead i get a nice comfy skate tongue there.

Besides, i like the way it looks better.

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