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07-16-2011, 06:57 AM
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Another thing that I wanted to say that blows on cable compared to D* for sports fans is if there's multiple games on the same time.
For example I live in FL. We have 2 sports networks. FSN-FL and SunSports which are basically the same thing same owners etc. These networks carry the games for the Magic, Lightning, Panthers, Marlins, and Rays. Now, if all 5 teams are playing at the same time, if you have cable you will get only 2 (sometimes 1! WTF?) of these games.

If you have D* you get all the games with the sub channels. For instance it would be something like 654-1 shows the Magic game. 654-2 shows the Lightning game, and 656 or whatever shows the Panthers etc. Very cool.

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