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Originally Posted by cptjeff View Post
No, that would be shins that are the right size. People wearing them on the outside has warped the perception of the right size. Remember that the whole shin outside thing only originated so that players could wear longer shinpads than normal for a little extra protection.

That little extension at the bottom is supposed to be all that actually goes inside the skate, if that. If the shins are sized correctly for the setup, you get more motion, not less. If you wear the longer shins on the outside, you're adding more resistance to the front of the ankle in your stride- especially if you tuck the sock around the tendon guard too. Will it really make a difference? Probably not for most people. You're still going to overcome that resistance.

You're not gonna use the same length shin for both styles. If you use the shorter shin with tongues in, there's no point. It doesn't add protection, and just looks silly. If you use the longer shin with tongues out, it's going to be awkwardly deep in your skate. The longer or shorter shin is what is going to change the feel, not the actual placement. But there is a reason they're each worn like they are.
I agree with that. I do prefer longer shins and wear the longest possible on the outside so that the top of the laces just hit the shin guard when the skate is fully flexed. In other words, I'm not impeded at all.

In my opinion, if the shins are tucked at all behind the tongue there is some resistance there even if it's slight.

Oh well. At the end of the day it's what feels most comfortable.

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