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07-16-2011, 09:03 AM
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Originally Posted by duffman1183 View Post
awesome, thanks alot for all the info guys. so it sounds like direct TV is gonna be the way to go, which i was kind of planning on cause there is no way in hell i'm gonna watch redskins games every sunday.

so if i understand correctly, i would have to get direct tv with the regional sports package and center ice? regional sports package gives me msg network so i can get pre/post games but the games are blacked out, so i have to get the center ice package to actually watch the games? and its basically the same for baseball?

thanks again
Yeah you got it, personally I don't get the sports package just Center Ice, the pre and post games aren't that important to me...there is a way around purchasing Center Ice, if you can either install the dish yourself or know someone who does....PM for details

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