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07-16-2011, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by BewareoftheBear View Post
I hope we sign Mankins, Mankins+Vollmer+Solder would be a great offensive line and keep building from there.

Solder and Vollmer are HUGE, should be a fun season to watch, Warren and Bodden should be good to go which will be good.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that we NEED to sign Mankins. I noticed a big difference between the time he didn't play and the time he did. The holes in the line got smaller, and Brady had more time. The Mankins/Vollmer/Solder line will be phenomenal.

Light, on the other hand, I don't see the same way. I think we should resign him, since I don't see a better option at the time, but I wouldn't be too broken up about it if we didn't. He's not a revolving door, or anything close to it, and yes guys get by even the best offensive linemen, but I he's the one that gives me those "smack my head" moments during the game.

I forgot to multi-quote, but, I also hope we can sign Sidney Rice. He would give us a reliable down field threat. He's 6-4 and can outrun pretty much everybody. That's his appeal. I don't think we absolutley NEED him, but it wouldn't hurt. I argued (not on here) that Moss leaving was a great thing for this team, and that they didn't need him. I thought they had something up their sleeve, and Branch ended up being it. I thought that Tate could fill that "deep threat" role. Not having Moss, I argued, allowed Brady to go back to pre-2007 and do the short "dump" passes that brought us success, instead of having to keep looking 30+ yards downfield for Moss so his feelings wouldn't get hurt. I still think their core of Branch/Welker/Edleman/Tate is solid, even though I was disappointed in Tate, but I still think he can be a major factor in our offense. Adding Rice just brings a whole 'nother element into the mix. Which makes for a dynamic offense. That being said, Rice isn't the only option. Two other WR's I'd love...Fitz, if he doesn't sign an extention (FA in 2012). Vincent Jackson (Fran. tag this season).

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