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10-21-2003, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by ruffneck69
Oilflip what is this worthless garbage. How long did it tkae you to make...2 seconds? copy and paste my friend. kinda stupid to rate your team after 5 games. Don't you think it's way too early give the oilers the cup. I mean we all know the Oilers arent better than the Cannucks Sens, Flyers, Atlanta, Tampa, or Minnesota as of right now. Face it, we need to work hard to finnish sixth place.
Minnesota, and the rest of the teams don't have to work hard? Sure the Oilers have to work hard, but at the moment they are better than a team in Minnesota who has one win in six games after losing their two leading scorers.

Of course it's to early to worry about statistics, but unless your going to say something constructive yourself don't draw judgment on what others post.

Nice to have you aboard though, should be a better forum with both supporters and critics of the same team.

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